The Philosophy

The Baptiste Yoga™ practice and programs are designed to empower you with the focus, training and insight you need to achieve consistent profound results in the most important areas of your life. Focusing on on the individual poses, meditation, and self-inquiry tools tools will aid transformation and possibility. BPY is intended to be adaptable to any level of physical ability.

The 5 Pillars of Baptiste Power Yoga





uddiyana bandha

Core stabilization


90 - 95°




Baptiste yoga is named after Baron Baptiste - shown with Andrea to the right.

Andrea is a Tier 3 Baptiste Certified Influencer and a Fit to Lead Graduate.

“Through Baptiste I have found a new way of living powerfully in my life. The trainings I have attended in the past 3 years that have changed the way I show up in my relationship with myself, others and my life. It is through this work that I have access to becoming present and awakening in my own life. It is through the asana practice that I feel vitality translate off my mat and into my life. It is because of the Baptiste Institute, and my teacher and mentor Baron Baptiste, that I continue to up my game. I invite you to show up in your life in a new way. I invite you to read the forward of my book, GYPSY LIVING, by Baron who asks us all to put our life on a shelf and discover our bigger purpose. “ - Andrea Riggs

Baptiste Power Yoga disrupts the drift. This community knows the struggles we all face and is here for you. Our commitment to you is strong. We assist all people in discovering their purpose and provide structures to follow it. We are a stand for you. You are possible.

Yoga in Southern Utah.jpeg

THE Studio

We are an affiliate Baptiste Yoga Studio, based out of an in-home studio.

Baptiste Power Yoga Southern Utah (BPYSU) is the first in-home Affiliate Baptiste studio. We are located down from Fries Fruit Market on Vernon Street. Students are welcome to park on the gravel in front of the home, or on the neighboring cabin gravel parking. Follow the flagstone to the right site of the home and enter up the spiral staircase. To use the restroom we have an outdoor restroom around the left side of the home, or you are welcome to pop in the front doors and use the guest restroom.

Welcome Om.



We are located in the heart of Old Santa Clara just down from Frei’s market on Vernon Street. We are a new home, so Google MAPS does not consistently pull up the exact address. Please park on street. Enter up the stairs on the right side of the home.


The Baptiste community is a global one. Baptiste can be found in Iceland, Romania, Boston, Southern Utah and all over the world. Baptiste Power Yoga Southern Utah is an Affiliate Batiste studio. We began teaching Baptiste inspired classes in the Spring of 2017 and affiliated in October of 2018.

Our growing community here is intentional and focused on relationships. We are about the details, not getting the classes done and packing our classes. We are about each pose and being intentional in creating the physical foundation of each pose.